Dear Paypal

I’m the premier Google partners :;idtf=1801520896 

I received an offer

Making Google Adwords advertising service

From 1 person on Facebook, nick Facebook :

I ran ads for him out $ 10, to prove my ability.

Then he transferred me $ 100 via paypal, but paypal is pending until Sep 11, 2017

I told him when I received the money I would continue the service.

Because I suspect this money I will not get because he has the right to claim paypal

And I was right, he asked for money back from paypal

I spent 10 dollars to run ads for him, but have not received the money from him.

This is a conversation from facebook that I took photos again.

Ps: I do not know english should use google translate

Pss: I just want to say, when I get enough money from him I will continue to serve him